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Invitation to the Governor in Copperplate


What a delight to write in the centuries old Copperplate hand!  It speaks such elegance and beauty, don’t you think?  It is my favorite hand because it feels like dancing across the paper………pressure on the down stroke, pause, …lift slightly,… no pressure at all on the upstroke.  Pause at the top, …begin downward movement with gradually increasing pressure.  Stop if a straight tip is needed, or lighten up and round the descender tail as the stroke flows effortlessly upward.  Continue, adding flourishes as they fit the spaces, ….Dance, Pen, dance!CopperplateGovernor

Washington, District of Columbia

Be kind to your calligrapher:

Select your stationery with pen and ink in mind if you are hiring a calligrapher.  Some paper surfaces do not enable certain pen nibs and inks.  If there is a certain script you desire, take a sample to your calligrapher to verify that it matches the tools required to write that “hand.”  And plan on choosing a w-i-d-e envelope for your invitations if you are inviting many people who live in locations with l-o-n-g names, such as Washington, D.C.  Formal addresses necessitate additional space to spell out everything.

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