Beautiful Calligraphy for all of Life’s Special Moments

As a calligrapher specializing in custom hand lettering, I bring your dreams into reality.  Together we discover how your word message could look written. My professional expertise then interprets and develops your vision in written form. Often clients affirm that the result exceeds their expectations. That is my constant goal.

Bringing your dreams into reality may be lettering a special message or verse on a field of color to convey the mood of your special gift.  It may be addressing envelopes for your wedding using romantic flourishes and glossy black ink. An entwined three initial monogram may be your desire. Or your project may be as basic as completing a certificate with names and dates.

The size may be as large as the four page U.S. Constitution, or as tiny as reception place cards.  Complex or simple, you receive my best work and full attention, delivered within your timeframe.

My photo gallery will introduce you to a variety of styles or “hands.” (Hand is the calligrapher’s word for “font.”)  Many are classic hands such as Copperplate, Chancery Cursive Italic and Uncial (in use centuries before the printing press was invented), while others are custom alphabets written to match a specific wedding invitation font.

Of course I will be happy to answer all your questions as we develop the particulars of your project.

It is helpful if you have an idea of which “hand” might be your favorite, but I will guide you through the entire process of choosing the details.

Information on my website will provide an understanding of standard fees for such jobs as addressing envelopes.  More involved unique art will be estimated when I understand what you want written.

I look forward to working with you to design your personal calligraphic art.