Invitation to the Governor in Copperplate


What a delight to write in the centuries old Copperplate hand!  It speaks such elegance and beauty, don’t you think?  It is my favorite hand because it feels like dancing across the paper………pressure on the down stroke, pause, …lift slightly,… no pressure at all on the upstroke.  Pause at the top, …begin downward movement with gradually increasing pressure.  Stop if a straight tip is needed, or lighten up and round the descender tail as the stroke flows effortlessly upward.  Continue, adding flourishes as they fit the spaces, ….Dance, Pen, dance!CopperplateGovernor

Clay House Number

Generally when I teach a class it is all about the students, and any demonstrations of technique are merely sample pieces.

By adding time after class I was able to construct items for my home.

This leaf plaque has my house number deeply engraved.   How funny that a slight change to a single digit matches our Tennessee apartment number!

I am very eager to glaze a large hand-built flower-pot because my coleus plant has sprawled into a candelabrum shape and await its new pot.

Julian Waters October Workshop for the Saint Louis Calligraphy Guild

Carol letterng

Carol writing italic

Guild members in Crestwood Court Art Space.

Saint Louis Calligraphy Guild members welcomed logo and font designer Julian Waters for a weekend of italic exploration.  A Friday night lecture introduced us to much of Julian’s extensive portfolio of hand lettered calligraphic art.

Two full days of instruction in improving our italic hands followed.

Technology allowed us to see minute twists of his pen on a large screen display as Julian Waters demonstrated his calligraphic skill.